Your Local Giant

Co-op is one of the largest, most successful retail cooperatives in North America. 23 food centres, 23 pharmacies, 28 Wine Spirit and Beer locations, 31 gas stations, 25 car washes, 5 commercial cardlocks, 3 home health care centres, 440,000 members and $1.2 billion in annual sales. What do all of these numbers mean? They mean we have been building thriving communities since our foundation in 1956.

Creating the foundation strong communities are built on

Yes, we provide the necessities of life for hundreds of thousands of people, but we provide them in a way that makes life better for all. Investing billions in our communities is also an investment in your future in terms of services, community enhancement and jobs.

As Co-op has grown into one of the largest real estate owners in Calgary and area, we made a decision to bring more to our sites. Not only to improve the services that we provide our members, but add other opportunities that will benefit the community.

Over the next eight years Co-op will invest over $1 billion in new and refreshed retail operations as well as $1.25 billion into various residential and office projects on our sites. Not only will this investment bring new, in-demand services to communities, it will also provide jobs for local consulting firms and contractors, from architects to retail partners, as well as more jobs in our stores.

Co-op Community Building in Action

We have many major projects on the go, either new locations or refurbishing and enhancing current locations, as well as a slate of proposed projects.

Development Projects

In Progress

Under Renovation



    We have space for you.


    As one of the most successful retail operators in North America, Co-op locations draw considerable traffic. Many of our locations have retail space that benefits from this traffic. We are always looking for strong partners that can provide additional services for our members. Currently we have the following leasing opportunities available.

    Leasing Opportunities

    • North West -  Calgary Co-op Beddington Shopping Centre
    • South West - Chinook Park Plaza
    • South East - Macleod Trail
    • Surrounding areas - Strathmore Co-op development site, High River Co-op development site
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    To touch the lives of our community by being respected as the best, most trusted place to shop – every day.


    Through inspired team members, we will deliver exceptional customer experiences, products and services that sustain and grow our business and communities.


    Service - Our customers’ needs drive us to deliver exceptional shopping experiences 
    Caring - We are passionate about people – team members, member-owners, customers and communities 
    Excellence - A winning attitude in all that we do