Calgary Co-op hosted its 58th Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 26, 2015. The results of this year’s Director Election, which ran from February 16 – March 16, were announced at the meeting. Former director Lisa Wise rejoined the Board after a one year hiatus. Two new directors, Lori Ell and Bettina Pierre-Gilles, were also elected to the Board. All elected directors will serve a three year term.

The Calgary Co-op Board consists of nine directors and also includes Peggy LeSueur, Board Chair; Roy Goodall, Vice Chair; Elaine Smith, Board Secretary; Myra D’Souza Kormann; Terry Geib and Rick Smith.

“This year brought the departure of three members from our Board who did not seek re-election. We want to thank Mark Gerlitz, Laura Sullivan and our longest serving Board member Johanna Bates for their tireless contributions,” said Peggy LeSueur. “With the departure of these directors, we were extremely pleased with both the quality and calibre of candidates in this year’s election. We welcome Lisa back to the Board and look forward to working with our new directors.”

Each year, three director positions become available at Calgary Co-op, and each director serves a three year term. Calgary Co-op members have the opportunity to cast one vote for up to three directors each year and receive ballots by mail in mid-February.

“One of the greatest benefits of being a member of Calgary Co-op is that our members decide who will best represent them on our Board,” continued LeSueur, “We thank all members who participated in the co-operative process to ensure their interests continue to be served.”