Results of 2016 Director Election announced at Annual Meeting.

April 12, 2016 Calgary, Alberta – Calgary Co-operative Association Limited (“Calgary Co-op”) hosted its 59th Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 7, 2016. At the close of the meeting, the results of the 2016 Director Election were announced. Three new directors, Cindy Andrew, Mike Dalton and Patricia McLeod were elected to serve a three year term on the Calgary Co-op Board of Directors.

“As a Board, we are encouraged by the increased interest in our co-operative,” says Peggy LeSueur, Board Chair, “With 15 exceptional candidates, our members were tasked with the challenge of electing who they believe will best be able to serve the membership.”

The Calgary Co-op Board of Directors consists of nine directors and also includes: Peggy LeSueur, Board Chair; Roy Goodall, Vice Chair; Terry Geib, Board Secretary; Lori Ell; Bettina Pierre-Gilles and Lisa Wise.

“With the election of these new candidates,” LeSueur continues, “we say farewell to three incumbent directors: Myra D’Souza, Elaine Smith and Rick Smith. Each of these directors has made significant contributions to Calgary Co-op during their terms, and we will miss them. We wish them great success in their future endeavours.”

During the Annual Meeting, the financial results for Calgary Co-op’s financial year ending October 31, 2015, were announced. Total sales amounted to $1.228 billion compared to $1.236 billion in 2014.

“This small decrease in revenue year-over-year is reflective of the deflationary impact of the collapse in global oil prices on our gas bar operation,” says Paul Harrison, CFO. “This negative revenue variance was almost fully offset by strong year-over-year food store sales results.”

Calgary Co-op members were also introduced to the 10 year long-term strategy developed and approved in 2015.

“As Calgary Co-op grows, we must be meaningfully different from our competitors,” says Ken Keelor, CEO, “Our strategic plan focuses our entire team on an inspiring long term Vision, Mission and Values, supported by business goals and a very strong re-affirmation of our co-operative commitment to the community.”

The first stages of these strategic efforts have already been implemented including a review in January of prices in food and wine, spirits and beer. Ways to Save has since been introduced communicating all the ways members can save by shopping Calgary Co-op including flyer sales, price drops, everyday low prices, fresh product savings on Basket Basics, Managers Specials at specific locations, and digital coupons on the Co-op app. These savings are in addition to the annual member refund.

About Calgary Co-op

Owned by members, Calgary Co-op is one of the largest retail co-operatives in North America. With over 460,000 members, 4,000 employees, assets of $537 million and annual sales over $1.2 billion, Calgary Co-op is committed to lead in food; petroleum; home health care; pharmacy; wine, spirits, beer and travel. In 2015, through the Co-op Community Foundation and community initiatives, Calgary Co-op invested over $3.9 million into local food poverty reduction programs, youth, education, the environment, and preventative health and wellness. For more information please visit


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