About Us

Local Since 1956.

Local farmers and ranchers opened our first store in Calgary over 60 years ago. They believed an independent store, owned by its customers, could better serve its customers. Today, this still stands true. We still proudly serve those who call this place home. Sharing profits with our members, investing in our neighborhoods, and employing thousands of Calgarians.

Locally Based, Locally Sourced.

CG storefront about usWe want you to feel good about choosing our local fresh products. But we also want you to feel good about where they come from and who they support. That’s why our local selection is always growing. It’s our way of ensuring you get the highest-quality local products at the lowest possible price.

Your Needs, Our Brands.

Our exclusive product families are locally inspired and of the highest quality. And we’re proud to share them with Calgarians at an affordable price. Throughout our stores, you’ll find them lining our shelves: Cal & Gary’s, Founders & Farmers, and Only Alberta Meats. We encourage you try them. After all, they were made with you in mind.

We’ve Always Put Kitchen Tables Ahead Of Boardroom Tables.

National chains answer to a head office. We answer to you. Because to us, local isn’t just another trend. It’s a promise. One that requires dedication, long-term investment, and commitment. We think it’s well-worth it. Which is why we’ll continue to serve Calgarians with local fresh Food, Pharmacy, Fuel, Wine Spirits Beer, Cannabis, and Home Health Care, in the years to come.