Important Update Regarding Full Service at Calgary Co-op Gas Stations

As a valued member of Calgary Co-op we are reaching out to you directly to advise you of an important change we are making to our business operation at our gas stations. Due to increasingly difficult economic conditions, low gas prices and a sharp decline in vehicle traffic in recent weeks, we have made the difficult decision to remove full service at select locations indefinitely. This means that effective Monday May 4, members will need to fuel their own vehicles at these locations however staff will be available to support members through this change.

We have seen other retailers completely close full service at all of their locations in other markets, however we recognize the importance of this service to many of our members, especially for seniors and those with limited mobility. As a co-operative, we know you hold us to a higher standard and we appreciate and respect the trust you place in us. Therefore, we have chosen nine key locations throughout the city and surrounding communities where full service will remain in place for those members who need and want this service.

These locations include:

• Sierra Springs (Airdrie)
• Wheatland Trail (Strathmore)
• Montrose (High River)
• Crowfoot
• Village Square
• Richmond Road
• Oakridge
• North Hill
• Shawnessy

Our primary focus is to assist our members through this transition and our team members at these locations. This change will not result in layoffs however it will mean a reduction in hours for some. Our goal is to minimize the impact and support our team members at these locations through modified schedules. We will also work with the Union and the individual to find an alternate solution such as positions at other Calgary Co-op locations or in our other lines of business.

Like many other local businesses, we recognize the challenges of operating during this unprecedented time. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this transition. For a list of all of our gas station locations, please visit our website map.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ken Keelor, CEO

Welcome to Co-op Me-wards.

Members can sign up for Me-wards by connecting their email to their Calgary Co-op member number. You’ll receive weekly inspiration and exclusive savings, straight to your inbox. Redeem Me-wards offers right from your phone for instant savings on groceries, wine, spirits, beer, and fuel. *Weekly Me-wards offers are separate from the amount you earn towards your annual member refund. 

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Touchless Carwash

Touchless Carwash

Turn some heads and keep your vehicle looking its absolute best with our Touchless LaserWash® System and Turtle Wax® products. Your vehicle will look awesome, and you’ll earn equity and cash back. Plus, save big when you pair it with a fill of at least 30L!

Now, One Code - All Locations.
When you purchase a car wash at any location, your car wash code is valid at any Calgary Co-op car wash location.

Regular Wash

$9.99 (with minimum 30L fill)

  • Bug prep (seasonal)
  • Undercarriage wash
  • Two step hot soap bath
  • Soft water wash
  • Clear coat protectant
  • Spot-free rinse
  • Dryer

Available in 5-packs for $49.95 + GST

Premium Wash

$11.99 (with minimum 30L fill)

Our Regular Wash plus:

  • Rust inhibitor
  • Tire and wheel cleaner
  • Triple Shine foaming wax

Available in 5-packs for $59.95 + GST

Extreme Wash

$13.99 (with min. 30L fill)

Our Premium Wash plus:

  • Ice Instant Shine
    • Shines all vehicle surfaces
    • Seals and protects all surfaces
    • Improves water shedding

Available in 5-packs for $69.95 + GST

Co-op Premium Diesel

Ready for the next generation of diesel?

You choose diesel for its efficiency and torque, but what good is any of that when the fuel you use gunks up your system?

Diesel technology is constantly changing and to ensure our customers continue experiencing industry leading performance, protection and power, the formulation of Co-op Premium Diesel has advanced.

Featuring a new additive package, Co-op Premium Diesel offers real, measurable performance gains that include the following:

Premium diesel

• Increased fuel economy
• Power and torque improvements
• Seasonal blends
• Cleans fuel injectors and keeps them clean
• Fuel system cleanliness and protection
• Fuel stability and storage life improvements

Co-op Premium Diesel with Eco-Performance Technology, available at all Calgary Co-op gas stations offering diesel, protects modern and legacy diesel equipment without any added cost to you.

Available at All Calgary Co-op Gas Stations Offering Diesel

Reduce Emissions, Save Money

Smart Fuelling - Helping Canadians enhance fuel efficiency and save money by making better choices.

Avoid Idling

Unless you’re stuck in traffic, it’s more efficient to turn off your engine when your car is stopped for over a minute.

Anticipate Traffic

Your vehicle is least efficient when accelerating or idling. Maximize its fuel economy by accelerating gradually, keeping a consistent speed, and using cruise control when possible.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Check your vehicle’s tire pressure monthly to ensure optimal fuel efficiency.

Shed Unnecessary Cargo

Each 25 kg of added cargo increases fuel consumption by 1% in a mid-size car.


Propane is about more than just fuel. It’s about family time around the grill and amazing evenings spent outdoors with friends. Get ready for camping, barbecue or outdoor cooking by ensuring your fuel supply is topped up. 

Make sure you’re prepared and stop by your local Calgary Co-op today! 

Has your tank expired?  We also sell recertified cylinders at all propane locations; just bring your expired propane tank in, and head home with a new recertified one.


The perfect pick-me-up

Co-operative Coffee

All our gas stations offer freshly brewed Co-operative Coffee. Choose from Breakfast Blend, 100% Colombian, or French Roast. We are sure you will find one you love!

Quick Deals In The Convenience Store

When you're waiting at full-service for the attendant to finish filling your car or need a quick snack for the long ride, why not pop in the convenience store for some of these great deals and more.

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