Fuel Good Day

September 11, 2019

Co-op's annual community initiative Fuel Good Day is back again! On Tuesday September 17th, 2019, fill your tank at Co-op and you'll be helping donate money to a number of local charities. When you do, Calgary Co-op will donate 5¢ per litre of gas or diesel purchased from Co-op gas stations to Calgary and area food banks.

coop gas stationJoin Calgary Co-op for Fuel Good Day 
Fuel Good Day is your chance to support your community, just by doing something you already do; putting gas in your tank. Proceeds will go directly to food banks in Calgary, Strathmore, Airdrie, Okotoks, and High River.

Many local food banks use the donations they receive to provide things like hampers, and the need in Calgary continues to be high.

Co-op's Fuel Good Day is an annual event started in 2017. That first year’s fundraiser raised approximately $50,000 for several local charities. 

In 2018, Fuel Good Day sold 1,081,191 litres which resulted in a total donation of $54,059.55, beating the previous year’s fundraising by nearly $5,000! That money went to worthy Alberta organizations like the Calgary Food Bank, Airdrie Food Bank, Salvation Army Food Bank in High River, Okotoks Food Bank and the Wheatland County Food Bank in Strathmore.

“We just love seeing our members get excited for this event,” says Sage Pullen-McIntosh, Communications Manager. “The cooperative spirit that inspired this fundraising campaign has really caught on and it couldn’t be more timely. There are many Albertans who struggle with providing food for their families. By filling your tank at a Calgary Co-op gas station on Fuel Good Day, you are helping support hundreds of families in need in Calgary and surrounding areas—with a single good deed.” 

milkOrganizations Grateful for Support from Co-op and the Community
"Being a beneficiary of Fuel Good Day for the past several years has been a tremendous honour and incredibly beneficial to our organization,” according to Pamela McLean, Executive Director of the Okotoks Food Bank. “Like 2017’s donation, the money received last year was again used to purchase milk cards for our families. Each family receives in their food hamper a gift card to a local grocery store so they can purchase the type of milk they drink. This generous donation from Co-op allowed us to purchase 260 milk cards, helping approximately 220 families in 2018.”

How to Take Part? Fill Your Tank; Fill a Hamper
To take part in Fuel Good Day and have your fill-up go to these worthy charities in the Calgary area, just drive in to your neighbourhood Co-op Gas Bar on Tuesday September 17th, 2019 and fill your tank. 5¢ per litre of gas or diesel purchased will be donated to one of the charities. Your visit that day could help donate anywhere from a few cents, to a few bucks.  

“Everything adds up for us. For every dollar that gets donated, we can leverage that into $5 worth of food,” explains the Calgary Food Bank’s Shawna Ogston, “So even if it’s just a few cents at the pump, it will really add up and go a long way for families and individuals in need.” 

The Calgary Food Bank says these monetary donations will be used to buy things that families need, such as more protein-based foods, to deliver a bigger nutritional punch; “Things like ground beef or hamburger, dairy, or almond milk.” 

Your donation though Fuel Good Day will help a wide variety of people get healthy fresh food and much needed nutrition. 

“Providing our families with fresh food is extremely important to us; along with milk, they also receive fresh produce, yogurt, cheese, eggs and frozen meat, as well as non-perishable foods, personal care and household items in the food hamper,” McLean explains. “Without generous donations such as the one we receive from Fuel Good Day we would be unable to provide these essentials and fresh food options for our clients."



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