A Nutty Spin on Hummus

February 13, 2020

Cashew hummus isn’t just for snacking — this versatile and tasty dip puts a new, nutty spin on an old favourite. CO-OP GOLD PURE® Cashew Hummus is here to mix things up — in a healthy and delicious way, of course.

Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods is a trusted producer whom we have partnered with to bring our customers this innovative product — a tasty alternative to traditional hummus. The uses for cashew hummus don’t just end with snacking, either. Read to the end. We’ve listed surprising hummus hacks perfect for your next meal.

 FCL Hummus coopfoodInside

Co-op’s partnership with Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods, a family-owned company in Surrey, B.C., has been rewarding not only because of the creamy cashew hummus they produce, but also because owner Abe Chaaban said his team enjoys working with Co-op, noting that part of a good working relationship is sharing similar values.

“We’re very involved in the community,” said Abe, explaining that Habibi’s gives back as much as they can to local charities and non-profit organizations. Family-owned, local businesses make up the heart of many communities, and Co-ops throughout Western Canada are also well-known for supporting local causes.

Abe’s wife and business partner, Sofia Chaaban, said they didn’t know what to expect when they first started working with Co-op. “It was very exciting, but also unknown territory,” she said. “We can honestly say it has been the best experience thus far, and we feel like Co-op has embraced us and been very supportive.”

Why cashews?

Co-op Gold Pure Cashew Hummus is different from traditional hummus. “The cashew base gives it a nutty flavour that is unique. We only use natural ingredients, too,” Abe explained. Cashews themselves are also a good source of minerals and vitamin E.

On top of the natural flavours and ingredients, everything is as locally sourced as possible. “The chickpeas, for example, come from less than a hundred kilometres away. And the basil? It’s grown fresh, only 15 minutes away from our facility,” said Abe.

Sofia said they decided to start making cashew hummus because they noticed something missing in the market. They saw a need for more nut-based dips and pursued it. To start, traditional hummus is typically very thick but not very creamy. Cashew hummus retains that consistency but also has a smooth and creamy texture.

Sofia said that people who don’t like traditional hummus really tend to love their product. “Eight out of 10 people who try the cashew hummus who are not hummus lovers will buy it,” she explained, referring to product demonstration experiences.

She also mentioned that Co-op Gold Pure Cashew Hummus is a kid favourite. “Even though it may not be school-friendly, it’s something they can snack on for breakfast or after school,” Sofia said. Besides being popular with kids, it’s healthy for them, too.

“The high protein and healthy fats from the olive oil, chickpeas and cashews combined is a recipe for success,” Sofia explained. “The Sweet Onion and Cumin flavour has turmeric and cumin in it, which are great antioxidants for the body. And the Thai Chili has fresh lemon grass, fresh ginger and chili powder, which is another great thing for your immune system. There are so many great benefits and much value to this product!”

Surprising Cashew Hummus Hacks

Of course, we all know hummus can be eaten as a dip—Co-op Gold Pure Cashew Hummus Original goes very well with this Mediterranean Salsa recipe.

But one of the best things about hummus—besides its healthy nature—is its versatility. You can use hummus in many surprising ways. Abe said that Sofia uses it as a cooking sauce (it can be substituted straight up for pasta sauce), but he simply likes to spread it on a sandwich.

If you’re looking for meal and snacking ideas that incorporate cashew hummus, try these options:

  • Hot dog spread
    Who said that barbecue condiments have to be limited to ketchup and mustard? If you’re looking to step up your hot dog game, try it with ​Smoked Chicken and Naan Dogs. If you’re more of a burger person, try it instead of mayo on a Thai Turkey Burger.

  • A dairy-free sour cream alternative
    Try it with your next Mexican dish, like this ​Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada.

  • Wing dip, why not?
    Try Co-op Gold Pure Cashew Hummus Original instead of ranch or blue cheese for your next hot wing dip to make your appetizer the life of the party.

  • Give your breakfast a boost
    Cashew hummus can be a great addition to breakfast dishes, like Huevos Rancheros, or spread it on a bagel and call it a day!

  • A chicken dinner addition
    Add it to a Chicken Sheet Pan Meal to spice up your supper!

  • Salad dressing substitution
    Try mixing the Sweet Onion and Cumin flavour of cashew hummus with the olive oil in a Chicken and Edamame Quinoa Salad.

Look for Co-op Gold Pure Cashew Hummus in the deli department at your local Calgary Co-op.



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