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May 28, 2019

antipastoIf you’ve eaten Italian food, you’ve likely heard the word antipasto. Most folks assume it means ‘appetizer,’ and while it does translate to 'before the meal,' it’s actually a little more than that.  

What is antipasto?
Traditionally, 'antipasto' can refer to a small plate of meats, cheeses and condiments served before the meal, but the word antipasto also refers to a blend of fresh vegetables, like peppers, olives and tomatoes that’s cooked and jarred, creating a delicious, chunky Italian condiment. 

In Italian homes, this luscious blend of traditional vegetables is home made and a great way to preserve all the freshest flavours of the harvest.

What to do with antipasto? 
Some people relegate antipasto to the back of the cupboard simply because they don’t know what to do with this tangy, sweet and tasty topper. It’s great spread on crackers or bread, and that's been its most traditional use for many years.  

But if you want to get creative, antipasto can also be used to top an omelette or scrambled eggs, in a grilled cheese for some extra oomph, or as a quick and easy sauce to bake chicken or pork in.

Something Special Antipasto
While you could easily spend hours making your own antipasto, there’s an easier way to enjoy this fresh flavour. At Calgary Co-op, Something Special Deli creates Vegetarian Antipasto that gives you all the taste, with none of the work.  

red chili pepperSomething Special’s Red Chili jelly, Gourmet Jalapeño jelly and Gourmet Pomegranate dip are also available at Co-op, in the deli department.

“Something Special antipasto is made in small batches, in the old world style,” says Something Special’s Scott Martin. “We use authentic family recipes and a homespun process that’s just like you’d make at home.”

Something Special’s premium antipasto is a great accompaniment to a cheese platter, and when it started taking off and becoming popular with customers, the brand looked to expand with more savoury and sweet condiments.

Something Special products originated at a small Alberta deli, where the owners used to serve their antipasto to customers as a snack while they were shopping.  

“When they started asking for more, the owners started creating bigger batches and offering it for sale,” says Martin. “Soon the antipasto began to take off and they started getting bigger and bigger orders, so they closed the deli and opened a commercial kitchen. Now Something Special antipasto is available all over Canada and the United States.” 

Next time you want to round out a charcuterie plate, to top a cracker, to jazz up some protein, or for a healthy, nutritious snack, look out for this Italian condiment with a North America-wide reputation. 

Find Something Special products at Calgary-area Co-op stores.



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