Stay in the Home You Love

January 22, 2018

Often the home you bought decades ago simply wasn’t made for the life you live today. Things like stairs, narrow hallways and small bathrooms can turn home sweet home into a danger zone. And the consequences of falling are simply too high.

Moving out of your familiar and happy home can be a terrible blow. Well, like any other challenge you’ve faced, you adapt and overcome, and Co-op Home Health Care is here to help.

Instead of changing where you live, change your home to make it safe and comfortable. Lack of mobility? Injury? No worries. We have everything you need—expertise and products for mobility, home access and home safety—so you can stay in your home.

The One-stop Shop for Staying in the Home You Love
People are quite surprised when they discover we are Western Canada’s largest Home Health Care centre. It’s understandable—until you need home safety equipment, it’s not something you pay much attention to. But when you do need it, then it’s a great relief to discover a complete source for everything. Especially since when you need home health care equipment, you need it fast and you need it done well. Because you are relying on these products for your safety and well-being.

Our Size is a Huge Advantage for You
It means an enormous selection of options, and plenty of experts who will ensure you get everything you need. Because when was the last time you shopped for a walker or a step-in tub or a therapeutic support bed? Exactly. This is what we do everyday.

calgary scooterEverything You Need to be Safe
Your situation will be quite unique, depending on your home and the issues you are facing. You can have one of our experts come to your home to analyze your situation, then present solutions from a selection of options unmatched anywhere else. Of course, we will handle construction and installation if required. Here are the key areas we can help:

  1. Keeping You Mobile
    Whatever mobility device you need—scooter, walker, wheelchair or cane—we have plenty for you to choose from. And our specialists will work with you to find the perfect option to fit your life and home. We even have rehabilitation specialists who custom fit wheelchairs, actually shaping the seat, backrest and headrest to your body.

  2. Home Access
    Getting into your home and around your home safely is vital. We have ramps to help you get in your home and stair lifts to help get up and down the stairs. And we can install them quickly.

  3. Bathroom Safety
    Normally bathrooms can be quite hazardous—small and slippery when wet—but we have everything you need to make them safe, including bath benches, bath lifts, step-in tubs, barrier free showers, toilet arm rests, raised toilet seats and grab bars.

  4. Bedroom and Living Room Safety
    We have therapeutic support beds, bed rails, pillows and wedges to ensure you rest easy. And we have a nice selection of incredibly comfortable lift chairs to help you rise easy.

  5. Financing
    In Alberta, government subsidies can help cover the costs of many medical expenses. There are other options, like Veteran Affairs, Indian Affairs and the Workers Compensation Board, that could provide support for qualified candidates. Our team will ensure you get everything you are eligible to receive. We can even help you finance your purchase through Health Smart. Best of all, your member rebate will help reduce the cost.

Trust Co-op to Keep You Safe
It’s also a welcome relief to discover that the place you have counted on for food and pharmacy is also there for you every step of the way when you need home health care. Come see everything we can do to help you stay independent.

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