True Büch Kombucha

October 15, 2019

true buchThe drive to be healthier and feel better is behind so many of the choices we make today, whether that comes to exercising, the food we eat, or what we drink. While many of us may be cutting out alcohol, or cutting back, it’s still nice to have something fun and fizzy to drink. Enter True Büch Kombucha.

“Kombucha is a probiotic tea that’s been fermented. Kombucha is to tea what yogurt is to milk,” explains Louisa Ferrel, founder of True Büch. “Our kombucha is traditionally made, it’s raw and unpasturized to keep all the probiotic goodness in there, and it doesn’t taste too sour. Even people who don’t often like that vinegary taste tell us they love the flavour of our kombucha.” 

True Büch Kombucha is sold in a format many folks may find familiar from a visit to their local brewpub; large format bottles or ‘growlers’ can be filled at one of the True Büch kombucha ‘kegerator’ stations, often found near the produce section at your local Co-op. 

While the selection of flavours is constantly changing and may differ by store, expect to find True Büch Kombucha Ginger, Mojito Mint, Vanilla Chai, Blueberry Roiboos, among other unique offerings. 

True Büch Kombucha is made locally in Calgary, using local ingredients or local suppliers whenever possible, says Ferrel.

“We get our tea from Naked Leaf, and we try to use local, seasonal fruit. We still make everything in small batches.”

True Büch Kombucha got its start about five years ago. Ferrel’s husband Conrad was experiencing digestive issues that he found were linked to gluten, and he had to nix beer. The couple still wanted something with a fizzy kick to sip. 

“It’s actually a really nice substitute for beer. It’s got flavour to it and fizziness, and it’s very refreshing.” 

While the Ferrels were initially making their own kombucha at home, they decided to start selling it at a local market. “I knew we had something big when we sold out before the end of the first day.”

True Büch eventually moved to a larger commercial brewing facility and started brewing larger batches to meet growing demand.

“We were both working as accountants and we decided it was finally time to leave our jobs and work on this as a business.” 

true buch growlerWhile many kombucha companies sell single serving bottles in stores, True Büch Kombucha made the somewhat unusual but deliberate decision to sell in bulk. 

“We really wanted to focus on waste; with single serve bottles there’s just so much waste, or recycling. With our refill program, we thought that would help people think about what they’re doing and encourage them to be more mindful of what they’re throwing away. To fill up on kombucha they can get one of our reusable bottles or bring in their own, clean, 32 oz or 64 oz container and fill it up.”

Ferrel says a portion of True Büch Kombucha’s proceeds goes back into the local community; they donate to community organizations including Mealshare and Camp fYrefly, and spend time volunteering.

“I think that community focus and that desire to work locally really aligns us with everything that Co-op is doing too.” 

Find True Büch Kombucha’s filling stations near the produce section at your local Calgary Co-op store.



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